Google Cloud Platform for AWS Professionals

Learn how to set Up Google Analytics, Track Marketing Analytics and Increase Traffic, and make data driven decisions about Google Cloud.

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Course Overview

This course is meant for IT professionals that are knowledgeable in AWS and are looking to get a quick ramp up in comparing Google Cloud Platform to Amazon Web Services at a functional level. This course covers major services and comes with a 300 page course download that includes presentations. The course has demos to help get details of similarities, differences, and initial how-tos quickly.

The Major Services covered are:
1) Networking
2) Storage
3) Data Services
4) Management
5) DevOps
6) Management
7) Infrastructure as Code

The course has been positioned to provide a significant amount of demos with numerous charts and comparisons to how AWS does things vs how GCP approaches services. We will cover features, functions and also even cover GCP Enterprise positioning.

As a bonus there are module provided for additional resources and discussions around Google Cloud Certification

Who is This Course For?

If you are a customer-facing technical sales expert focused on driving revenue, then this course will help enable you get started talking about Google Cloud.

The course would also be helpful for sales executives, Technical Account Managers and IT Managers as well as cloud administrators.

What You'll Learn

βœ”  Use Google Analytics to provide insight and key data driven decisions

βœ”  How to set Up Google Analytics to Collect Actionable Data Results

βœ” How to Install Google Analytics APIs to automate reporting and join Google Analytics data with your business data.

βœ” Use Google Search Console to locate keywords that are driving interest

βœ” How to use Google Analytical Tools such as Analytics Intelligence, Table Booster, URL Builder, Da Vinci Tools, Real Time Tracking as well as many others.

βœ” Document Insights and Make Data Driven Decisions to Grow your digital product


  • Participants should have a website, blogging site, mobile application to use with Google Analytics
  • A basic understanding of using Google Chrome in order to install extensions

Course content