Awesome New Certification – Certified Cloud PreSales Solutions Architect (CCPSA) Beta Release

aws cloud certification certified cloud presales solutions architect (ccpsa) presales presales engineer Aug 18, 2023

Become a Cloud Solutions Leader with the CCPSA Certification!

The Certified Cloud PreSales Solutions Architect (CCPSA) is an ideal designation for a Cloud Solution Architect or Enterprise Architect that is mainly focused on pre sales and pre implementation tasks supporting enterprise environments. 

This is a cloud agnostic role and is relevant for all major cloud providers in the market specifically (AWS, Azure, GCP and RackSpace).

When will the Certification be released?

The Certified Cloud Sales Solution Architect Exam is coming soon

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Why Should I Sit for the CCPSA Exam?

Becoming enabled in cloud sales/solutions engineering and being able to close the deals with the sales team is a highly paid and sought after skillset.   

Sales engineers can make $150,000 per year “base” with variables (bonuses and commissions). 


For example: A sales engineer may be offered an 80/20 or a 70/30 split when it comes to base/variable compensation.

  • Base – $150,000
  • Variable – $30,000

(Not to mention the non monetary benefits such as customer engagement at trade shows, lunch and learns and company engagement at company sales events.)


Whats included with the Certification?

Successful Candidates will Recieve a Digital Certification and a Digital Badge which can be posted and validated online.

A Free Study Guide is also provided online. 


Vendor Agnostic

Vendor Agnostic means that the exam is not tied to the specific products and services of a vendor.

We do cover in the course content specific examples but the test will not solely rely on testing on AWS, GCP, etc. 

What are the Exam Logistics

Exam is taken online and is not protocted. 

The CCPSA exam is 75 Questions and is timed at 90 Minutes. 

Questions are multiple choice.

Allowance of 15 Minutes is given for non native English speakers if requested.

Sales Solutions Engineering requires a wealth of various skillsets.  

Note: Below are DRAFT Objectives which will be finalized by the release of the exam.
 Certified Cloud PreSales Solution Architect (CCPSA)
Certified Cloud PreSales Solution Architect (CCPSA)
Certified Cloud Sales Solution Architect Exam (CCSS

The certification exam will test candidates on the following exam objectives and skillsets. 

These objectives and skillsets are broken into 

  • Soft Skills
  • Hard Skills
  • Finance and Sales Team Skills

Soft Skills – Aka Customer Service
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Interactions
  • Customer Engagement
  • Customer Networking Events 
  • Customer Negotiations
  • Objection Handling
  • Listening To the Customer
  • Customer Vision
  • CRM Applications (Salesforce, etc)
  • Value Proposition for Solutions

Hard Skills – Technical Skills
  • What is Sales Engineering?
  • What is a Pre Sales Engineer vs Solutions Engineer?
  • Cloud Fundamentals
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Cloud Integration
  • Cloud Security
  • Compliance Requirements
  • Solutions Research
  • Request for Proposal/Quote Response


  • Proposal Types and Sections 
  • Solutions Architecture
  • Analytical Process Thinking
  • Vendor Fit
  • Fedramp/Fisma (Federal Sector)
  • Proof of Concepts (POC)
  • Demonstrations
  • Whiteboarding Solutions
  • Vendor Cost Optimization Tools

Finance and Sales Teams
  • Common Sales Team Organizational Structure
  • What is the Deals Desk
  • Estimating Project Costs
  • Proposal Team Structure
  • Professional Services Quoting
  • Development and Integrations Estimating
  • Estimating Return on Investment (ROI) 
  • Estimating Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Sales Team Compensation Structures (Comp Plans)
  • Sales Contract Types
  • Vendor Commission and Credits
  • Vendor Partner Levels

END – 08/06/2023

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