Why take the FinOps Certified Practitioner (FOCP) exam now?

cloud finops finops finops certification why take the finops certified practitioner (focp) exam now? Oct 26, 2021

Understand Cloud Spend and How to Control Costs

With the advent of cloud computing, a lot of enterprise organizations are opting for cloud-based apps and operations.

With these types of operations they are also expecting their both technical and even non technical managers to understand the financial aspects of cloud computing such as understanding cloud spend.

To stay adept, enterprise professionals both technical and managerial today opt for top notch training and certifications such as the FinOps Practitioner (FinOps) from the Linux Foundation.


With FinOps, companies can work better in with decent solutions for cloud cost management. Cloud cost management is itself a tedious process but, if done the right way, it can take the business to new heights with proper decision making. FinOps bring together financial accountability and enables companies to spend in a controlled manner.


With FinOps, a good trade-off between costs, quality and speed can be achieved. 

This is why companies are looking for professionals who can perform cloud cost management and generate reports in real-time.

Professionals with FinOps experience are part of teams that work in a cross-functional environment to enable better and speedy delivery, by gaining financial and operational control. 

Cloud FinOps Practitioner (FOCP) exam prep course includes coverage of all the required skills and prepares exam takers fully.

For those professionals the want a detailed coverage of the exam objectives you can take the course that is offered from the Linux Foundation  which can be bundled with the certification exam. 
The principles and practices of FinOps are taught which enable the professionals to optimize cloud costs and optimizations. 


About This Certification

There are many things that are covered in this certification. IT provides basic key conceits of three areas: Inform, Optimize and Operate.

At the end of this certification, the FinOps professional is able to understand FinOps Principles, Capabilities, and support.

These professionals also learn to manage FinOps Lifecycle for better cost management.

FinOps helps maintain the cost overrun scenarios that can occur as well as how companies operate on pay as you go model.

So, in a nutshell a FinOps practitioner will be able to take care of these challenges as well.

Why take the FinOps Certified Practitioner Exam Now!

 The Cloud FinOps Practitioner (FOCP) exam inculcates all the required skills within the individuals taking the exam that enable them to become good FinOps professionals.

The professionals will also understand key concepts like networking, API object primitives, maintenance, storage, security, application lifecycle troubleshooting, and the ability to establish basic use-cases for end users by, logging and monitoring.

Exam duration: FinOps is an online certification and thus requires an online exam. The duration of exam is 60 minutes. 

Validation: the certification is valid for three years once passing it.

The exam includes fifty multiple choice questions which are designed to test foundational knowledge of finance and the cloud and how these subjects work together in the enterprise.


Benefits of the FinOps Certified Practitioner certification

With this exam, Professionals are expected to know how to:

  • Easily Describe the roles, skills, and responsibilities while working in a part of a FinOps Team
  • Analyze and describe where a FinOps team should stay in the organization.
  • Understand the basic six pillars of all FinOps Capabilities
  • Define the events associated with each competency
  • Appreciate what motivates a FinOps team’s size and place
  • Know the total FinOps lifecycle, its entire phases and determination

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Final thoughts…

A FinOps Practitioner’s exam is greatly beneficial for professional growth.

People take these exams such as the Cloud FinOps Practitioner (FinOps) from the Linux Foundation to stand out from others for career opportunities.

With this certification attained you should be assured that you will stand out from the crowd.

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