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aws cloud certification blockchain membership pricing Sep 13, 2022

Annual Membership has been reduced to only $99 per year.

Our monthly plan will be removed in January 2023

TechCommanders has over 60 courses available and growing every month. We also host several live online course for members only.

AWS, Google Cloud, Blockchain, IT Security, FinOps, CompTIA, SideHustles are the main course topics.

What do you get with a membership account?

A TechCommanders membership plan gives you access to all self-study courses, live monthly calls, and the TechCommanders Community.

  • TechCommanders Community is an online forum where you can connect with other students, ask questions, get answers, and share your knowledge.
  • New Courses and Practice Question Pools Added Monthly.
  • Certificates of Completion provided to paid members.
  • Access to one on one career and interview coaching(discounted)
  • Annual Members get access to free Ebooks and Free Live Classes per month

Why should you be interested in a career in cloud computing right now?

Listen to the short explainer video and consider the right training. 

Did you know that Cloud Engineers on average make over $120,000 according to numerous industry studies?

You can start changing your life today! 



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Over 60 Courses and Practice Questions! 

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