What are the Top AWS FinOps Focused Services to Learn

aws cost explorer aws finops finops certification Feb 13, 2024

Here's a breakdown of what you can leverage within the AWS ecosystem for FinOps

Determining the "best" AWS FinOps service depends on your specific needs and priorities. 


Recommended Services you should learn in AWS for a FinOps focus: 

Free AWS Services:

    • AWS Cost Explorer: Provides aggregated and granular views of your AWS costs, allowing you to analyze trends and identify potential savings opportunities.
    • AWS Cost and Usage Report (CUR): Offers detailed, downloadable reports of your AWS usage and costs, suitable for deeper analysis and budgeting.
    • AWS Budgets: Set custom budgets based on various metrics to track spending and receive alerts when nearing thresholds.

Paid AWS Services:

    • AWS Reserved Instances (RIs): Purchase instances upfront for a discounted rate, ideal for predictable workloads with sustained usage.
    • AWS Savings Plans: Commit to specific usage amounts for upfront discounts, suitable for predictable workloads with varying usage patterns.
    • AWS Trusted Advisor: Offers personalized recommendations for security, performance, cost optimization, and fault tolerance.

Third-Party Tools:

    • CloudHealth: Offers deep cost analysis, automated optimization recommendations, and cost governance features.
    • Nfina: Provides visibility into cloud costs across multiple platforms, including AWS, Azure, and GCP.
    • Cloudability: Focuses on optimizing Reserved Instances and Savings Plans, helping you maximize their value.
    • OpsRamp: Combines cost management with infrastructure monitoring and performance optimization.

Other considerations:

    • Managed Services: Several companies offer managed FinOps services, providing ongoing expertise and assistance with cost optimization.
    • FinOps Foundation Tools: Explore the FinOps Foundation's landscape of tools for various needs and budgets  

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    • The best service for you depends on your budget, cloud maturity, needs, and desired level of control.
    • Evaluate each service based on its features, pricing, and compatibility with your existing tools and workflows.
    • Consider combining free and paid services to fit your specific needs and budget.

I recommend exploring the official documentation, trying out free trials, and contacting vendors for demos to determine the best option for your organization.

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