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What are the Top Reasons to get FinOps Certified this year! cloud finops finops certification finops certified practitioner (focp) what are the top reasons to get finops certified this year! Feb 13, 2024

 With FinOps, companies can work better in with decent solutions for cloud cost management.

Cloud cost management is itself a tedious process but, if done the right way, it can take the business to new heights with proper decision making.

FinOps bring together financial accountability and...

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How much does it cost to get certified in FinOps? finops certification finops certified finops certified practitioner (focp) how much does it cost to get certified in finops? Jul 12, 2023

The cost of getting certified in FinOps depends on the certification level you want to pursue.

The FinOps Foundation offers two levels of certification:

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