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TechCommanders provides career coaching, AWS/GCP certification exam preparation, mock interviews and interview preparation.

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TechCommanders provides one on one career coaching and Interview preparation. 

Why hire a Career Coach, especially a technical coach?

Technical career coaches are experts in career planning, resume building, interviewing and negotiating. Technical coaches are experts in specific platforms.  TechCommanders coaches are experts in Cloud Computing, DevOps, Blockchain and IT Networking and Security.

While you may only search for a new gig or switch careers a handful of times in your life, these professionals are in the know of current best practices because they’re constantly helping job seekers to advance or change careers.

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TechCommanders charges the following for coaching and mock interview  services.

  • Single Session - $199.00 (Hourly Rate)

  • 5 or more sessions paid in advance - $159.00 (Hourly Rate)

  • US Military Veteran?  We provide a 35% percent discount. (Military service validated by


Register for Coaching, Exam or Mock Interview Preparation

Why Prepare with TechCommanders?


Coaching Expectations

We at TechCommanders really appreciate that your investing in yourself and trusting us to provide you career coaching and mentoring. 

The main purpose of coaching is to maximize your performance.  A solid experience coach should be helping you  reach your peak potential.

Part of the process will be to initial get to you know.  Understand were you came from technically and clearly understand where you want to go technically.   

As a Cloud Computing coach my goal to ensure your prepared for your interview. 

Whether its about going thru cloud fundamentals AWS, Services or GCP Kubernetes Engine deployments its all about you. 

Your paying for our time and you can expect we will use the time as your expecting.


Top Reasons to hire an experienced coach.

  • Faster time to your desired results
  • Provide you someone your Accountable to. 
  • Level set your expectations about your career plans 
  • Help you change your mindset 
  • Help you reach your dreams.
  • Provide you a springboard to get started with.

Cloud Interview ACE

The best way to succeed at Cloud Computing interviews. Period.

Cloud InterviewACE is a hybrid online training and coaching program with a  professional community mentored by industry veteran Joseph Holbrook ("The Cloud Tech Guy"), a pre/post sales guru in cloud computing. 

Save yourself not only thousands of dollars but also possibly years of preparation in this progressively more challenging saturated job market by signing up for Cloud InterviewACE.  

Learn to pass the technical and soft skills interviews questions from the basics to advanced topics covering cloud presales architecture, post sales focused objectives such as cloud deployment, cloud design, cloud engineering, migrations, connectivity and more. 

Cloud InterviewACE will also provide you value with resume tips, preparation strategy, how to avoid common mistakes, mock interviews, technical deep-dives, must-know tips, offer negotiation, and also very importantly "whiteboarding" designs. 

AWS, GCP and Azure cloud platforms will be covered.  

This can change your world, so what are you waiting for!

Let's get started! 

ENROLLMENT IS OPEN. Spots are limited to 20 enrollees per quarter due to personalized one on one coaching provided. 

Reservations required to hold your spot for the June Summer Session. 


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Cloud InterviewACE

Hybrid Coaching and Training with Cloud InterviewACE

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