Data Analytics

The value of data and the importance of being able to analyze data is becoming big business.   It is because of their ability to collect and analyze data that companies such as Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook are so successful.

Understanding tools such as Google Analytics can make you a more valuable employee to companies learning and developing their analytics skills.

To meet this demand and help organizations identify knowledgeable talent with data analytics skills.  Get started with a TechCommanders course now.

What kind of job market is there for skills in Data Sciences in 2021?

In this podcast episode, TechCommanders' Chief Learning Officer Joe Holbrook discusses the growing demand he is seeing in the job market for knowledge and skills in Data Sciences in 2021. In particular he talks about Data Science Certifications and Salaries.


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Google Analytics for Bloggers and Content Creators

As a digital product owner, blogger or affiliate marketer it can be very difficult to understand where to focus our marketing efforts. Data is being generated everywhere while also being collected by numerous methods in our digital world.

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Google Analytics 4 - Up and Running

With Google Analytics 4 (GA4), the way of analyzing your data has changed significantly, with updates to everything from the user interface and data models to capabilities and implementation. And users can now leverage enterprise features that were previously only available in Google Analytics 360: for example, BigQuery integration, funnels, and unsampled data are now available to everyone at no cost. Long story short, you need a whole new approach. 

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Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) Accreditation Coming February 2022

Google Analytics is now a must have requirement for any digital marketing or digital advertising position. This course walks you thru from start to finish for passing the accreditation the first time.


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Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Certification Crash Course
(Beginner/Intermediate) Coming January 2022



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