AWS Redshift Fundamentals 

Learn about AWS's flagship data warehouse.

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Course Overview

Successful businesses must derive value from their data with efficiency—an increasingly difficult proposition as data grows exponentially larger. Amazon Redshift, a scalable, incredibly fast data warehouse, offers user-friendly tool sets to get the job done, enabling AWS customers to fully leverage their data to acquire new insights into their user bases.

A data platform as a service (PaaS), Redshift delivers hosted high-performance data services and fully scalable solutions without requiring a massive investment in enterprise infrastructure. It also provides robust access to a variety of data analytics tools, compliance features, integration with other AWS services, and even AI/ML applications.

Join cloud and data analytics expert Joe Holbrook for an introduction to Redshift. You’ll learn everything you need to know to get started using Redshift to deploy a data warehouse or data lake.

And if you’re a SQL professional, you’ll gain significant insight into and hands-on experience using Redshift that you can apply immediately to bring value to your organization.

What you’ll learn and how you can apply it

By the end of this on demand course, you’ll understand:

Why data warehouses are so critical to enterprise organizations and how Amazon Redshift provides immediate value

  • The differences between a traditional enterprise data warehouse and Amazon Redshift
  • The column-oriented filesystem structures and the database options available with Amazon Redshift Enterprise use cases for AWS Redshift, such as ETL, data transformation, data mining, data lakes and business intelligence
  • AWS enterprise best practices for cloud security, networking, and IAM with Amazon Redshift Critical components and essential features, like the query editor, the optimizer, and Redshift Spectrum
  • Schemas, structures, SQL options, and monitoring options
  • How to determine the proper node and cluster deployment options for your Amazon Redshift requirements

Who is This Course For?

  • Database Administrators, Data Engineers, Cloud Architects
  • Someone with 1 year of AWS cloud experience
  • Someone taking the SAA or Database exams.

What You'll Learn

✔  Deploy an Amazon Redshift data warehouse cluster and load data into the cluster

✔ Connect to the data warehouse and query it

✔ Optimize Amazon Redshift for scalability, security, performance, and integration

How to implement monitoring for both performance and billing purposes


  • SQL Experience helpful
  • AWS Free Tier or AWS promotional credits for going thru Hands on Exercises.

Course content