Google Cloud FinOps Fundamentals 

Learn the fundamentals of FinOps and how to apply FinOps best practices to Google Cloud deployments.

The course will walk you thru the fundamentals of FinOps, provide insight into how FinOps operations are handled and what services can provide insight into Cloud spending. 


Lets get started learning about Google Cloud FinOps.

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Course Overview

Forecasting, reports, monitoring, bill analysis will be covered.

Demos will cover services such as GKE, Compute Engine, BigQuery, Cloud Operations, Billing and more will be covered in detail.

Each section has whiteboard discussions, demos, review summary and review questions. 

There is also a case study where we present a scenario in cloud spending and walk thru how to solve the challenges.

What's Included?

  • 3 hours on-demand video with demos/whiteboards
  • 2 downloadable resources
  • Accredible Certificate of Completion

Who is This Course For?

  • Cloud Spend Budget Owner

  • FinOps practitioner, such as a FinOps Analyst, Director of Cloud Optimization, Manager of Cloud Operations or Cloud Cost Optimization Data Analyst

  • Principal Systems Engineer, Cloud Architect, Service Delivery Manager, Engineering Manager or Director of Platform Engineering, Senior Enterprise Architect (EA) or EA Leader

  • Finance and Procurement team member, including Technology Procurement Manager, Global Technology Procurement, Manager Cloud Cost Optimization, Financial Planning and Analyst Manager, and Financial Business Advisor

  • IT Program and Portfolio Management Leader

What You'll Learn

✔  Understand why FinOps is a cultural practice and the operating model is the most efficient way for teams to manage their cloud costs.  

✔  How to understand and control your Google Cloud spending but also use the data collected from billing to export to BigQuery

✔  Identify the proper tools in Google Cloud to Manage Costs

✔ How to export billing to BigQuery and then view in Cloud DataLab. 

✔ Understand how to determine the proper compute discount model.

 ✔ Determine what services are increasing your cloud spend and also how to reduce those costs.

✔ How to setup notifications and budgets to notify your team of potential issues. 


  • Participants should have cloud accounts to run and collect data on cloud spending.

Course content