Google Cloud Platform Professional Cloud Developer Bootcamp

Google Cloud Platform Certification - A way to distinguish your self in the AWS world

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Course Overview

A Professional Cloud Developer builds scalable and highly available applications using Google recommended practices and tools that leverage fully managed services. This individual has experience with next generation databases, runtime environments and developer tools. They also have proficiency with at least one general purpose programming language and are skilled with using Stackdriver to produce meaningful metrics and logs to debug and trace code. 

This course is meant to help you for taking the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer Exam. 

Content is fresh and has been customized for the exam materials.

It would be expected or at a minimum to have experience with Google Cloud an to be a developer.  The course has compressed the study objectives listed by Google Cloud and we have taken the Cloud Developer exam. 

The exam is very challenging and will challenge the "average" developer in many respects but mainly around how well you understand GCP best practices and services. 

In this course, all of the  Exam Objectives are covered.

The course includes over 260 lessons and so is divided into Part 1 and Part 2.

Also included is an Accredible Certificate of Completion


Who is This Course For?

  • Developers that have experience with Google Cloud Platform
  • Application developers who want to build cloud-native applications or redesign existing applications that will run on Google Cloud Platform

What You'll Learn

✔ How to obtain the Google Cloud Platform Cloud Developer Certification
✔ How to identify Use Cases for AWS
✔ How to deploy best practices for application development
✔ How to implement federated identity managements
✔ How to debug, trace, and monitor applications

✔ To understand what the objectives are for the Cloud Developer Certification

✔ How to choose the appropriate data storage option for application data
✔ How to develop loosely coupled application components or microservices
✔  How to choose the appropriate application runtime environment; use Google Container Engine as a runtime environment and later switch to a no-ops solution with Google App Engine


  • Developers that have experience with Google Cloud Platform
  • Developers reading to take the Google Cloud Platform Cloud Developer Exam
  • Developers who need to get certified in a leading cloud certification

Course Content - Part 1

Course Content - Part 2