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experts in Next Generation Technology Training. 

TechCommanders is an online training platform for both aspiring and veteran IT professionals interested in next generation IT Skills.
TechCommanders is led by Joseph Holbrook, a highly sought-after technology industry veteran.


TechCommanders is looking for certified individuals to propose AND execute new courses across multiple domains.

Specifically, we are looking for those with expertise in Cloud, DevOps, Machine Learning/AI,  IT Security, Data Analytics, Blockchain, FinOps and Cloud Interview Skills

TechCommanders pays up to $9500 per course.

Courses should be between 2- 8 hours per course. (Longer the course, the greater payment) 

(Content Creation and Recording with a producer is expected)

Payment within 2 business days of acceptance. 

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Why Teach with TechCommanders?

Joe Holbrook has been both an instructor and business owner. 

He gets instructors and IT folks so expect prompt payment unlike what Instructors can expect with other companies. 

When you work for TechCommanders we pay you literally immediately once your course is accepted. 

No thirty day or sixty day nonsense. 

We appreciate instructors that get the work done by paying the fastest in the business.  

Courses Wanted/Practice Questions Wanted

We are looking for courses and practice questions for the following areas.

DevOps - Git, Kubernetes, etc.

Cloud Computing - GCP, AWS, Cloud Management

Blockchain - Hedera Hashgraph

Analytics - Google Analytics, Tag Manager

IT Security - CompTIA - Security Plus, AWS/GCP Security

FinOps - FinOps Practitioner


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