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A TechCommander membership plan gives you access to all self-study courses, live monthly calls, and the TechCommanders Community.

  • TechCommanders Community is an online forum where you can connect with other students, ask questions, get answers, and share your knowledge.
  • New Courses and Practice Question Pools Added Monthly.
  • Accredible Certificates of Completion provided to paid members.
  • Annual Members get access to free Ebooks and a Free Swag Kit (Paid Directly, no third parties)

There are 3 TechCommanders plans for you to choose from.

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Top features

  • 5 x courses and 1 Practice Exam
  • Intro to Blockchain
  • Intro to Blockchain Security 
  • Google Cloud Security Fundamentals
  • Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Practice Questions 
  • Google Cloud Platform for AWS Professionals
  • CompTIA Cloud Plus Certification Bootcamp 
  • TechCommanders Community
  • 14 days of access
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Most Popular (save $119 - 33%)

  • Full year of unlimited training
  • Access to over 40 courses
  • Access to all practice question pools
  • TechCommanders Community
  • Accredible Certificates of Completion
  • Discounted CloudInterviewACE
  • Exam Crib Sheets and EBooks
  • TechCommanders Swag Kit  (US Only Paid Directly no 3rd parties)
  • Option for 1 Hour Certification Private Tutoring ($100 value) 
  • Discounted Business Pricing Available (10 or more Seats)
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Top features

  • Month-by-month payment plan
  • Access to over 40 courses
  • Access to all practice question pools
  • TechCommanders Community
  • Accredible Certificates of Completion
  • Exam Crib Sheets and EBooks
  • Add on - Upgrade Anytime to Annual Plan 
  • Add on - Option for 1 Hour Certification Private Tutoring $100)
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Course Listings by Platform / Skill

The following is a listing of the courses currently active on the TechCommanders site.   Note that TechCommanders is regularly adding more courses which you will automatically have access to as a member.

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